Lost and Found

Lost and Found is located on the 2nd Floor Concourse in the Guest Services Booth by Section 114.

If you are at an event and lose an item:

  1. During an event – visit Guest Services (located by section 114).
  2. See if your item has been turned in. If not, file a claim and the Guests Services Attendant may contact you, if your item is located.

If you have left the arena and realized an item is lost:

Check www.wintrustarena.com Lost and Found daily. Items may be found days after an event.

  1. www.wintrustarena.com
  2. Under Arena Info, click Lost and Found.
  3. If your item is listed, click your item and click File a Claim to fill out your information. The more information you provide, the quicker your item can be verified.
  4. Guests have 60 days to claim and pick up their items. After the time allotted, items able to be donated will be. All IDs and credit cards will be destroyed after the 60-day period for security purposes. All other items will be recycled or disposed of properly.
  5. Items may be found several days after an event, based on the arena cleaning schedule. Please check the website for continual updates.

If your item is NOT listed, you should still select the gray ‘File A Claim’ button on the upper right in the event that it is located before it is listed.

Items can be picked up at the arena for no charge. After an item has been claimed and verified, it can be picked up at the Wintrust Arena Security Office, located on 21st St., located at the rear of the arena.

If you are unable to pick up your item, it can be shipped to you. Guests must pay all associated shipping costs.


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